Anaharea features crystal clear water, a beautiful sand beach and the chance of catching a trophy fish. It’s a lake that offers a variety of fish for all kinds of fishermen.

The Camp

Anaharea is a three bedroom log camp that features 2 refrigerators, 4 stroke 9.9 HP motors (two of which are electric start), a boat for every two guests. It is wired with a 3000 watt generator for lights and charging your electronics. It has hot and cold running water with a shower and a nice covered deck for grilling.

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Fish in this Lake

The northern fishing here is excellent, with numerous catches in the twenty-pound range. Anaharea also has lake trout up to seventeen pounds, whitefish in the two-to-six-pound range and perch. This is our most popular trophy lake.


Northern Pike

Lake Trout


Lake Structure

This lake has a sandy, rocky bottom with numerous weedy bays. The water is very clear, ranging up to eighty feet deep.

Lake Size:

3 miles x 1 mile - 2,100 acres

Camp Location


Sleeps: 4-10 people
Lake Name: Anaharea Lake

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Anaharea Availability

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Camp Details


4-10 people

Arrival and Departure Notes:

This camp is a Saturday to Saturday lake. Shorter trips can be arranged as long as you arrive or depart on a Saturday.

Camp Accessibility:

A walkway straight from the dock to the door of the camp allows for very easy access.

Number of Camps on this Lake:


Distance to Base:

37 miles

Portages to Other Lakes:


Map Downloads:

Download a free topographic map of Anaharea Camp and surrounding lakes.

Anaharea Lake