Easey Point

Easey 1

Easey Point

Inside Easey Point camp, one of Hawk Air's fly-in fishing camps.

The outpost camp on Easey lake, one of Hawk Air's fly-in fishing lakes
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Scenic view at Easey Point portage, one of Hawk Air's fly-in fishing camps.

CAPACITY: Minimum & Maximum 4-10
APPROXIMATE SIZE: 3 miles x 1 mile - 1,700 acres
# OF CAMPS ON THIS LAKE: Two (about 2 1/2 miles apart, our second camp currently not being used)
FISHING: Numerous shallow bays and shoals provide good walleye and northern fishing as well as some nice catches of perch. There are two adjacent lakes which provide additional walleye and northern fishing. These portages are five to ten minutes walk and have boats and motors.
LAKE STRUCTURE: Sand and mud bottom lake, up to eighty feet deep.
CAMP: Two bedroom camp. It features two refrigerators, is wired with a 3000 watt generator, electric coffee maker and toaster, 4 stroke 9.9 HP motors, hot and cold running water with a shower.

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