Easey Point

Easey Point is a great location for kids! Enjoy beautiful sand beaches, a large deck with gorgeous views and access to two portage lakes.

The Camp

Easey Point is a two-bedroom camp that features two refrigerators, wired with a 3000-watt generator, electric coffee maker and toaster. There are 4 stroke 9.9 HP motors (two of which are electric start), a boat for every 2 guests, hot and cold running water with a shower.

There are two adjacent lakes which provide additional walleye and northern fishing. These portages are a five-to-ten-minute walk and have boats and motors. A great location for a day trip and a shore lunch.

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Fish in this Lake

Numerous shallow bays and shoals provide good walleye and northern fishing as well as some nice catches of perch.


Northern Pike


Lake Structure

Sand and mud bottom lake, up to eighty feet deep.

Lake Size:

3 miles x 1 mile – 1,700 acres

Camp Location

Easey Point

Sleeps: 4-10 people
Lake Name: Easey Lake

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Easey Point Availability

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Camp Details


4-10 people

Arrival and Departure Notes:

This camp is a Sunday to Sunday lake. Shorter trips can be arranged as long as you arrive or depart on a Sunday.

Camp Accessibility:

Wood walkways allow for easy access up to the camp. A total of 13 steps with handrails make the accessibility to this camp moderate.

Number of Camps on this Lake:

Two (about 2 ½ miles apart, our second camp currently not being used)

Distance to Base:

32 miles

Portages to Other Lakes:


Map Downloads:

Download a free topographic map of Easey Point Camp and surrounding lakes.

Easey Lake