Little Missinabie

Little Miss is a great location for exploring. It features a beautiful waterfall, pictographs, several islands ideal for shore lunches and stunning views from a large deck right off the dining area of the camp.

The Camp

Little Miss is a large three-bedroom camp located on an island. It features a large deck with a sliding patio door, 2 refrigerators and a 3000-watt generator. There is an electric coffee maker and toaster, 4 stroke 9.9 HP motors (two of which are electric start), a boat for every 2 guests and hot and cold running water with a shower.

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Fish in this Lake

From May to October Little Miss has excellent walleye and northern fishing throughout the entire lake.

Northern Pike


Lake Structure

This lake has a bit of everything from rocky shoals to weed beds.

Lake Size:

River like lake, 50 miles of shoreline - 3,600 acres

Camp Location

Little Missinabie

Sleeps: 6-10 people
Lake Name: Little Missinabie

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Little Missinabie Availability

Book Little Missinabie Today!

Book Little Missinabie Today!

Camp Details


6-10 people

Arrival and Departure Notes:

This camp is a Sunday to Sunday lake. Shorter trips can be arranged as long as you arrive or depart on a Sunday.

Camp Accessibility:

A walkway that leads from the front dock right to the door of the camp allows for very easy access.

Number of Camps on this Lake:


Distance to Base:

44 miles

Portages to Other Lakes:


Map Downloads:

Download a free topographic map of Little Missinabie Camp and surrounding lakes.

Little Missinabie