McCrea has a beautiful sand beach right at your doorstep. It features speckled trout fishing and a great chance at seeing some wildlife.

The Camp

This outpost is a two-bedroom frame camp. It is equipped with one refrigerator, 8 HP motors and a boat for every two guests. It is also wired with a generator for lights and charging your electronics.

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Fish in this Lake

McCrea has its best fishing in the spring and fall. There are good, average size speckled trout that can be up to 21 inches.

Speckled Trout

Lake Structure

The lake has very clear water with a sand bottom. The lake is approximately thirty feet deep.

Lake Size:

3 miles x 1/3 mile - 575 acres.

Camp Location


Sleeps: 4-8 people
Lake Name: McCrea Lake

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McCrea Availability

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Book McCrea Today!

Camp Details


4-8 people

Arrival and Departure Notes:

This camp is a Saturday to Saturday lake. Shorter trips can be arranged as long as you arrive or depart on a Saturday.

Camp Accessibility:

Access from the dock to the camp is a very easy path.

Number of Camps on this Lake:


Distance to Base:

50 miles

Portages to Other Lakes:


Map Downloads:

Download a free topographic map of McCrea Camp and surrounding lakes.

McCrea Lake