Recommendations for Walleye Fishing

The age-old question of anglers near and far…

What type of lure or bait will land you a fish of a lifetime?

Everyone has their “go to” set up but here are some other options to consider when you head out on a hard water Walleye adventure!

Option #1 – Minnow and hook on a dead stick – a timeless, subtle approach that can be deadly even in the toughest bite.

Option #2 – Jigging Rap – Jigging small body baits is slowly taking over the “go to” category. Vertically jigging these lures can be the deadliest approach in your box. Tipped with a minnow or straight up!  

Option #3 – Jigging spoon tipped with a minnow head – Jigged aggressively or slow and subtle, this set up is always waiting in my rod box.